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[Opinion] Xbox and Phil Spencer show a masterclass in E3

Posted By Drunk_Monk

Do you remember a little show called E3 in 2013?

I do, it was the one where Xbox One made so many unforced errors, that they practically handed Sony the early head start that has helped them throughout the PS4’s life.  Most of this was around an always online console.

The internet is a wonderful thing, which has helped, and hindered games, in many ways.  DLC is a blessing and a curse, and the same goes for patching games.  An interesting concept is that of streaming games, where you can leverage infinitely more power than your device can leverage thanks to the cloud.

E3 2013 could have been a time for celebration for Xbox, with a unique game sharing model, that was delivered so poorly that people only heard DRM that needs to check in via the internet.  Then there were the witty remarks from Microsoft’s staff in the PR space.  One staff member suggested that an offline Xbox option was available, called the Xbox 360, literally telling people to not buy the new console.  Then there was the staffer who famously suggested it shouldn’t be an issue, and everybody should get the internet because it’s great, forgetting not everybody has his level of privilege.

Xbox had shown how not to introduce a major feature.  Making it mandatory and talking down to people who aren’t fans of the change.

Enter 2018, and Xbox is pushing streaming games, so there will be extraordinary amounts of backlash, right?

Well not with the king Phil Spencer handling it.

After showing a huge number of games, after months of excellent PR, and technology level wins, Phil introduces it.  Not as they way you will play next, but where you can play next.

Phil Spencer mentioned that the tech teams are working on the next generation of consoles, he showed lots of games, and gave an exciting future for Xbox in the gaming world.  This removes any minor doubts about the future of the consoles themselves, I type as I wipe the sweat from my brow.  This isn’t Xbox of old, this isn’t the tech team telling you what you will have, this is a man that knows exactly how to present new stages of tech evolution.  Not as a change, but a benefit.

Hats off to you Mr Spencer and Xbox.  I am intrigued about the consoles future, and excited about the games that are coming between now and then. 

That is how you do E3!

The below video will start at that part of the conference, but you can jump back and watch the whole thing.  I recommend doing so if you haven’t yet.





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That was a really good conference. Horizon 4 looks sick! Devision 2 looks good too. 

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Probably the best conference at E3 in terms of presentation. Really delivered and even though I don't have an Xbox I found it to be very entertaining.

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