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[Opinion] 11 kharacters I want to see in Mortal Kombat 11

Posted By ZombieRawkMachine

I for one am amped up for Mortal Kombat XI and I know you guys are too. NetherRealm Studios know how to make a damn fine game and really know to add a cherry on top with it’s DLC character rosters. In the Mortal Kombat reboot we got Freddy Kruger & Kratos while MKX shed blood with Predator and Alien. While on their other top franchise we got Lobo and Scorpion in Injustice: Gods Among Us and for it’s sequel we were granted a plethora of characters like Hellboy and The Ninja Turtles. Now I can’t like a big part of my hype is to just see which new characters will make the roster other than Shao Khan for pre-ordering the game. Since it is only a few months until MKXI I thought I would share which characters I would like to see join the ranks of Kombatant alumni.



Lady Death


Lady Death was first introduced as a villain in the Evil Ernie comic back in 1991 but has since found her own fame appearing in her own comic titles, numerous crossovers, an animated film and even has even had her own Swimsuit and Lingerie yearly specials. Needless to say she can kick a lot of ass often being stuck in hell fighting Lucifer and his army of demons which translates pretty well into Mortal Kombat. In terms of fighting she has a big sword which always does well but knows how to throw a good punch or two meaning she could easily square up to the likes of Scorpion. Let’s not forget her powerful abilities like teleportation, levitation, elemental control, telekenesis and she can even shape shift. I’m not saying they would all need to be used in her move pool but the combos that could be strung together could be magical let alone the fatalities she could dish out.


Lord Drakkon


This is probably the longest shot to make it into the game, let’s be real you’ll see why but hear we go. In the recent run of Power Rangers comics by Boom Studios they featured a storyline called Shattered Grid which focused on a Ranger from a different reality. That Ranger was Tommy Oliver the original Green and then White Ranger on the 90’s show. As you may remember, or may not, Tommy was given his powers by the evil witch Rita Repulsa corrupting him and granting him the power to trash the other Rangers before eventually turning good. In this new reality things stayed mostly the same only Rita managed to convince Tommy that he was meant to become the leader of the world as it was the only way to ensure peace leaving us with a guy who killed most of the other Power Rangers, brainwashed the Pink Ranger into becoming a Ranger Slayer, made an entire army of Power Rangers to serve and has a huge god complex to wrap it all up. I don’t think I really need to explain why he should be in it, he is a just a bad ass and if you have seen any Power Rangers fight scenes just imagine that amped up to 11 with some Megazord fatalities.




I know I just did another article about Castlevania but that is why I know Alucard would be a hella fun addition to the MK roster. If you have played Symphony of the Night or watched the anime on Netflix then you know what I’m talking about. Alucard, son of Dracula, Vampire Prince and Sultan of shape shifting. Alucard can use just about any weapon proficiently and does so on many occasions in the franchise but his common go to are a sword and shield, the classics you know how it is. Although he doesn’t need any weapons as he is brilliant with magic using it to summon hellfire or ya know steal your life force to replenish his own. He can also summon familiars to do things on his behalf like a giant ass sword or a little imp. Did I mention he can change into a wolf, bat and fog? Cause he cant totally do that and unleash some hell while doing it. Also just imagine the gothic feel of Castlevania thrown into Mortal Kombat, the violence, the music and gore would feel right at home.




Now I’m going to be completely honest it was hard to choose exactly which Horseman from Darksiders I was going to put here but I knew one of them would be right for some DLC action. War was the first Rider we got a look at, he rocked the first Darksiders game and has a lot going for him. Giant sword? Check! Cool armor? Check! Mark Hamill? Check! But there are also tonnes of other characters out there who fill those requirements (well maybe not the Mark Hamill part) so I had to give it to Death. I love his look it works and contrasts with the rest of the MK roster not to mention his choice of weapon in dual wielding scythes is unique enough to warrant some play testing. He is a fast character who can also make use of his Horse, Crow, Death Grip and can take the form of the Grim Reaper just writing this is making my imagination run wild with possibilities.




This is an entry I can’t really justify. I mean I think it’d be cool. He has some spiffy abilities and weapons and when you combine him with Celebrimbor there are some neat combos that could open up. Interesting weapon switches between a white light hammer and bow to a broken sword dagger throw Gollum at someone and you have a character… I know I haven’t really thought it through that well but I did say at the top.


Art the Clown


If you haven’t seen the movie Terrifier stop reading this, jump on Netflix and go watch it, I’ll wait right here. See wasn’t that great and now you know why he would be fantastic, just imagine those fatalities.




This entry is just an entirely self indulgent character I would like to see brought back from the before Mortal Kombat’s relaunch. Nitara was a fun vampire with a really cool backstory so hopefully they will bring her back into the fold. Unfortunately Ed Boon has expressed little interest in ever bringing her back but a guy can dream about his Vampire Pirate.


Sho Fukamachi/The Guyver


Everything about The Guyver screams out its perfection for a guest spot. If you are unfamiliar with the Manga, anime’s, OVA’s or American live-action adaptations then let me school you a little bit in the ways of Yoshiki Takaya’s masterpiece. Aliens lead one of the mightiest corporations on earth when one of their scientists betrays them and escapes with a prototype armor which ends up in the hands of high schooler Sho Fukamachi who can summon the armor and must fight the alien menace and much more. Most of the adaptations (aside from the American movies; the sequel of which features the voice of Solid Snake in the titular role) follow the same story from the pages of the manga in all its gory adult goodness. Blood gets spilled by the barrel full complete with over the top finishing moves, seriously he can wipe out half a forest while standing still, it’s awesome.





Originally this spot went to Spawn and for good reason but with McFarlane hinting/confirming (no official word has been given yet) his inclusion I sadly left Spawn out. I then moved on to Venom as the Lethal Protector before moving on to Carnage who was more appropriate for Mortal Kombat but in the end I said screw it, MacFarlane may have hinted but until something gets confirmed I’mma run with it. Spawn is from the pages of the hit comic spawn and as all kinds guns, chains, axes and necrotic magic at his disposal. Though it wouldn’t be his first time appearing in a fighting game with the character appearing as an exclusive in the Xbox version of Soul Caliber II, while MacFarlane created an all new character for the PS2 in the form of Necrid, whom I mained, just a lil FYI for ya there.


Funny Man


Keeping with the track record of adding characters from horror franchises I would love to see the Funny Man from the cult movie Funny Man. If you haven’t seen it, which is probably going to be most if not all of you then let me fill you, the movie is about a guy who wins a mansion in a card only for the mansion to be home to a jester of sorts. Funny Man is a cockney speaking fourth wall breaking jester that well, let’s just say he lives up to his name. He is almost the love child of Deadpool and Bugs Bunny spending the movie making killer puns, dressing in drag, fighting other guys over said drag version of himself, dealing with some Scooby-Doo wannabes. Nothing is off limits with his first movie kills being children and all incredibly over the top and violent, exactly the requirements one could use in Mortal Kombat.


Cassie Hack


Now I love me some sexy characters. I also loves me some comic books. You put them together and you get… some kind of weird erotica that I only read for the advertisements. But that is neither here nor there because we are here to talk about Cassie Hack! Cassie Hack appears in the pages of the comic Hack/Slash in which she roams the world killing serial killers and horror villains like Chucky from Child’s Play or teaming up with Ash (who was a strong contender for the list) to tackle the Army of Darkness. She likes to use a mixture of heavy blunt objects and guns, I mean as the saying goes do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.



Wow I have been prattling on for nearly 2000 words on my choices for this years Mortal Kombat entry. But what about you guys, do you agree with my choices? Do you disagree to the point where you need to challenge me to Mortal Kombat? Who would you love to see thrown into the mix or possibly brought back? Let me know down below.


All artwork belongs to respective owners.

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Spawn is someone I've wanted for a while. Still seeing as Netherrealm is part of Warner Brothers a couple of others I wouldn't mind see are Sauron or the witch king of angmar and Pennywise the Clown. As for returning MK characters I am hoping that Smoke or Noob Saibot return and would also like Nitara to come back as she was a fave of mine. 

Part of me also wants them to announce Mokap or Meat as Aprils fools joke initially but then add them in as that would be kind of funny. 

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