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Intriguing mobile game "True Reporter" gets a new trailer

Posted By Drunk_Monk

An intriguing mobile game True Reporter has a trailer, and it looks like it could be fun.  check it out and the blurb below:


This is a hidden object game, but it is far from its classic rendition where gameplay is repetitive and looks like drudgery because looking for items is its own reward. In True Reporter searching for hidden objects is not the ultimate goal but a means to advance the plot – the game’s most interesting feature. True Reporter does not tell a bland story typical of many hidden object games, it offers a mature detective drama featuring kidnapping and murder unfolding in a vast and complex in-game world.
The town of Mistwood, no, the whole world welcomes newcomers with its rich background inspired by real life events… And most of its friendly inhabitants have skeletons in their closets. Average citizens do terrible deeds, the «honest and noble» town administration is a tangled web of nepotistic crime and the seemingly random events – assassination attempts, murders and kidnappings – are not stories made up to scare children into submission but a terrible reality.

Welcome to Mistwood!

Betty Hope is a popular journalist in a local criminal newspaper. She is engaged to Charles Goodman, the owner of the town’s most famous restaurant. Her perfect life was an inspiration to some and a source of envy for others… Until everything changed.

Six months ago Betty’s fiancé vanished under suspicious circumstances – he disappeared from the accident scene after a car crash. The police think Charlie got cold feet, but Betty refuses to believe that. What choice does she have? It falls to the young woman to solve this mystery. She really shouldn’t…

All Betty’s friends turned away from her – “poor girl is so beyond herself with grief, she is irrational, it’s obvious her fiancé abandoned her”!  Lucky for her, Betty has a loyal companion. Nick is a deputy sheriff who helps the courageous journalist to conduct her investigations – Mistwood is a peaceful place only at first sight. Nick also believes that Charlie’s abduction is but a single link in the chain of crimes binding this city, a city where hypocrites hide their true faces behind the masks of honesty and sincerity. A city where people disappear and where the police pretend nothing is happening. A city that is wallowing in corruption, vice and conspiracy – so not getting your hands dirty will be a daunting task...

You’ll have to break the illusion of Mistwood’s peaceful life and lay bare its darkest secrets to find out who is responsible for the car crash and find the missing Charlie. 

The secrets that no one must know. 

– Over 40 realistic urban locations, true stories of over 50 unique characters, evidence, forensics, street gangs, informers and conspiracies – all this and more serves to create the intense atmosphere of a genuine journalistic investigation!

– Original hidden object search gameplay mechanic and non-standard gameplay modes for the true enthusiasts of the genre and new players alike!

–  Strong spirit of rivalry and severe competition. Challenge your friends and acquaintances to spark their interest and see who the best investigator is!

– No artificial limitations and plenty of optional components: activities, puzzles, collections and mini-games! Dynamic gameplay will keep you engaged even if the investigation stalls due to the lack of evidence or any other reason! 

Will you dare to reveal what must stay hidden?

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