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EA Originals Sea of Solitude is out now

Posted By Drunk_Monk

WA's Originals program which brought us gems like the Unravel and Fe has just released it's latest intriguing title, Sea of Solitude.



Set sail across a beautiful and haunting world to face the monsters within. Sea of Solitude is available today via digital download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Origin for PC.

Players will embark on a journey as Kay, a young woman struggling to overcome her inner loneliness in a mysterious flooded environment. This intimate tale pulls players into a world that has been transformed by solitude – one that can be renewed again by hope.

This world is full of unique and terrifying monsters, each with their own story to tell. Kay must learn these stories and more about herself to rid the world of its tainted memories. Dynamic in-game environments, conveyed through a striking visual style, reflect the characters’ emotions –  through her journey, Kay progressively brings sunny weather back to the dark, stormy, metaphorical world around her. 

Sea of Solitude is another innovative addition to the EA Originals program developed by Jo-Mei Games, a 12-strong, independent studio in Berlin, Germany. The empowering narrative of this story-driven adventure makes it an unforgettable gaming experience inspired by the team’s personal encounters with loneliness.

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