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Diablo Immortal Announcement

Posted By iLythium

Blizzard have announced a new Diablo game titled 'Diablo Immortal' for mobile at their annual BlizzCon event.

The response from fans so far has been overwhelmingly negative. Diablo had been given the prime panel spot directly after BlizzCon’s opening ceremony which had fans hopeful for a fully fledged Diablo sequel, however Blizzard had already issued a statement before the convention started that this announcement would not be Diablo 4 in order to temper these expectations.

This does not appear to have been successful in this endeavour as the announcement trailers have been receiving far more dislikes than likes. See the announcement trailers for yourselves below.



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Ohhh it was fun watching this get announced at Blizzcon and following Q&A. First time I've seen the crowd boo like that at it. 

As for the game itself going to skip it. Just not fond of this type on game mobiles and tablets.

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Yeah hilarious announcement with the crowd, such a slap in the face. Should have pre-warned the announcement or had it along with a Diablo 4 teaser or something. But to have this as their big diablo announcement lol esp when the hype was real for a D4 announcement. Activision definitely having an activision effect on Blizzard...

"Is this an out of season April Fools joke?" that was the funniest Q&A question  LMAO

Then the host replying to one of the questions with "Don't you all have phones?" lol and one of the online comments I read had me cracking up.. "Yes, and I also have a fuckin' microwave oven, doesn't mean I want to play games on it!" lmao

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