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Battlefield V Overture Update Delayed

Posted By iLythium

As reported on IGN Battlefield V's first update "Overture" has been delayed due to technical issues. Originally supposed to have been released on December 4th NZT the delay is supposedly going to be a short one but a new date has yet to be confirmed.

"The team has discovered an issue with the Battlefield V Chapter 1: Overture update," the studio tweeted. "Rather than create issues in the game, we’re holding the update for the time being. We don’t anticipate a long delay and we’ll be back with more news as soon as we have it."

The patch was set to roll out the new Panzerstorm map, The Last Tiger War Stories episode, vehicle customisation, the practice range, and more, all shared in a sneak peek on Reddit last week. The devs also touched on player complaints about TTD and TTK, and while a fix is in the works, nothing was planned for today's update.

Global community manager, Dan Mitre, tweeted that despite the update's delay, DICE is "still paving way for its release," and shared a communication roadmap on Reddit for the week's schedule. "As we were preparing the final checks in releasing our next game update Chapter 1: Overture, we’ve encountered a couple of issues as we implement some of the new improvements to the game and servers," he said, in relation to the delay. "Knowing that, we’re putting more time in testing the build and will be pushing back deployment until we can ensure the update is solid. We know a lot of you are excited for this content, and we’re excited to get it to you, but only once we can ensure the experience is great. We don’t anticipate this being a long delay, and we’ll be back with an update as soon as we have it."

He also tweeted that the update will "resolve a lot of the issues" players have been experiencing, and added that the patch notes can't be posted in the meantime, saying "We may need to update them coming out of fixing a few of the issues we've run into."

Let us know your thoughts on the delay in the comments below and check out the NZ Gamers Club review of Battlefield V.

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