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A Day At SplatterCon

Posted By ZombieRawkMachine

A Day At Splattercon


On the 3rd of November I was delighted to attend the Tabletop RPG convention Splattercon and as promised here is my follow up on the event. Going in I had no idea what to expect before attending the con I only had 3 games under my belt and was worried my noobish ways would lead to some disastrous consequences. But everyone was super cool and more than willing to lend their knowledge or just helping out in general creating an atmosphere filled with laughter re-enforcing the rule of mandatory fun. I can highly recommend attending the next one, your local club or anything of the ilk that pop up in your area. For now though just sit back and relax as Zombie takes you through his day at Splattercon.


The first game I participated in was called Undead Evolution. My party entered a Castle’s grounds which happened to be a cemetery spawning an infinite number of the undead, excited to drink the blood of my enemies I charged forth chopping down all the zombies which opposed me. Or at least I was until I failed a roll and a zombie bit my pinky off so as soon as a gate was open I was racing towards the next room to heal… which I failed countless times. In this new room we encountered a Frankenstein monster and another spawning point for countless undead, of which the first ones through carrying some rather unique loot like a shovel, spiked shoes and an anchor attached to a chain.


After finally managing to heal my character I cut the head off a zombie before playing hacky sack with its head, picking up the anchor and using it to smash the spawn point to pieces while the rest of the team took care of the monster. Next room. This new room contained another Frankenstein monster, spawn point and the Mad Scientist (who was decked out in a Frankenbot) creating these undead. Our parties bard ended up playing a song so beautiful that the Mad Scientist changed his ways and joined us killing the Frankenstein monster. Of course I feel I should mention that before the bard was able to achieve this I was tasered by the Mad Scientist resulting in my character crapping his pants. Moving on we encountered the Queen of the castle, a very beautiful and busty Vampire Queen who seduced most of us and had us fight each other and I may have kinda of killed another member of the party.


Next game I tried my hand at was called Hard Time and mixed Tabletop gaming with some cards giving us this to form our characters with of which every other character had very complimentary cards while mine were all at odds with each other. I tried my best, I got a gun, I managed to make the GM say “Well this has never happened to me before.” I became the Boss of the orbital prison we were in until some alien parasites showed up and another character threw me to the alien parasites to save themselves. I mean that literally too, he grabbed me and threw me to save himself, did I mention he was undercover cop? Since this game ended up finishing early we managed to sneak in one more which was called Junk’d and was basically Mad Max, we were in cars ramming, shooting and racing each other.


For the grand finale we all split into 4 groups to enter the vault (it was a lot bigger than just a vault) of the Dracolich (an undead Dragon) to save the world and snag a scepter. Each group was teleported to a random spot on the map, we weren’t told where on the map we were and had to figure it out for ourselves. My group figured out pretty quickly where we were and in no time we were disguised as Cultist and making our way through the vault. A lot happened as this game went on for near 6 hours so I will break it down to some of the highlights.


We eventually found our idol in a room that had a very large curtain drawn to hide off a corner of the room, after dealing with the skeletons and looting the chests which electrocuted anyone wearing metal armor (I was playing a Dragonborn, so I escaped that particular fate) we were told that this particular curtain was worth 5000 gold. I mean that is a lot of gold and the curtain itself was something like 20 foot long and the entire height of the room but I mean 5000 gold so we ripped it down and carried it everywhere we went. Including the numerous encounters with the Dracolich.


Later on we found a supply room and filled obscene amount of bags with things like oil flasks, manacles, signal whistles and ball bearings, these may sound like random odds and ends but I assure you we made it all work.


We had a Bard who naturally had an instrument, a Paladin who had a flute, I had a drum and we gave the Cleric a signal whistle. Another table needed some help with a fight and asked us for back-up (the I need help code word for the night was bonana) so we grabbed a barrel of wine, set it on fire and exploded the door (and every other door from that point on) before barging in like a marching band playing our instruments.


Another table got caught up fighting some Stone Demons, needless to say we manacled their left hand to their right foot, right hand to their left foot and hog tied them to the roof just pushing and spin the Stone Demon who complained of the embarrassment we were subjecting him too.


When all the tables gathered for the final battle our table was given the task of keep an army of Skeletons and Mummies at bay, so we just set everything on fire. The DM accidently spawned near triple the amount of enemies he was meant to be we handled it like brofessionals, or Looney Tune characters if you will. Spreading the ball bearings all over the floor, one character sparta kicked a Mummy into a crevasse, I Kamehaha’d all over the show taking out numerous rows of bad guys. Eventually everyone else completed their jobs and had finished while we were still fighting off the undead. Needless to say since everyone else forgot about the entire reason we went in there and ya boy Zombie snagged that scepter, went Super Saiyan demolished anything left standing as it taught me pretty much everything I could wish to know, grabbed the curtain and got out of there.


It was a brilliant day and I can not wait to do it again. Everyone enjoyed the games they played and a couple of days later I was lucky enough to try another one of the games I didn’t get the chance to on the day. If you have even a passing interest in checking out Tabletop gaming D&D, Pathfinder or whatever venture down to your local hobby store as there is a good chance they will be running games there. There is even a Facebook page where you can find out where your local games are being played with people always looking out for each other. Hell if you are in Upper Hutt you can join the Upper Hutt Club meet up where I I started my journey or there is one Petone which the co-organizer of the event runs and the people I got to meet from their were all super awesome. The long and short of it is if you want to try it out jump in, the community is not only great and welcoming but extremely helpful and will help you find a game that will drain any free time you throw at it.

And again a huge thank your to Che and Eli for organizing an amazing day and to all those who attended.

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